Rebranding as the world’s first dementia wellbeing brand

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In a staid, frag­ment­ed and rapid­ly grow­ing demen­tia care prod­ucts mar­ket, Active Minds offered some­thing spe­cial. How­ev­er, its activ­i­ty prod­ucts and games for peo­ple liv­ing with demen­tia and their car­ers, were being used pri­mar­i­ly in care home set­tings — pur­chased by the pro­fes­sion­als who under­stood the val­ue of the products. 

The oppor­tu­ni­ty was to grow direct-to-con­sumer chan­nels, tak­ing the com­pa­ny beyond its func­tion­al B2B begin­nings. We chal­lenged the exist­ing nar­ra­tive around demen­tia to cre­ate the world’s first demen­tia well­be­ing brand. Our work includ­ed re-imag­in­ing every­thing from the brand name, to the mod­el for prod­uct design and seg­men­ta­tion, and a refresh­ing edu­ca­tion­al approach.


The dom­i­nate demen­tia nar­ra­tive is exclu­sive­ly about the brain, mem­o­ry and ulti­mate­ly, loss. We focused on emo­tion­al ben­e­fits and out­comes. Our new propo­si­tion cel­e­brates every­thing that is still pos­si­ble for those liv­ing with demen­tia and their car­ers, lever­ag­ing the key role the brand plays in bring­ing joy and connection.

We are proud of the work we’ve done with ODA to devel­op a strong inter­na­tion­al demen­tia well­be­ing brand. They took time to under­stand demen­tia and the chal­lenges we faced and helped us to cre­ate a refresh­ing brand nar­ra­tive under­pinned with real substance.

Ben Atkinson-Willes CEO, Relish


The rebrand began with the search for a new name. From Active Minds – a func­tion­al name that focused sole­ly on the brain nar­ra­tive – we rebrand­ed to rel­ish, a name that speaks to well­be­ing and rel­ish­ing every moment of time together.

Using low­er­case for a friend­ly, approach­able expert feel, we also choose colours and typog­ra­phy for their com­ple­men­tary and calm­ing prop­er­ties. The result over­all is of a brand that any­one can enjoy rather than a clin­i­cal tool.

The pow­er of

pos­i­tive feelings

Research told us that peo­ple liv­ing with demen­tia con­tin­ue to feel pos­i­tive feel­ings long after moments of con­nec­tion and joy. This in turn builds self-esteem, which is key to wellbeing.

This pow­er­ful insight inspired our sim­ple, hand-drawn, organ­ic shapes, rep­re­sent­ing the pos­i­tive feel­ings and moments of con­nec­tions sur­round­ing the brand. Upbeat imagery reflects the emo­tion and opti­mism between loved ones.


We cre­at­ed a new emo­tive tone of voice. Suc­cess­ful out­comes are depen­dent on car­ers get­ting the most out of the prod­uct and encour­ag­ing loved ones to join in, so we includ­ed lit­tle prompts and guides to help keep frag­ment­ed con­ver­sa­tions alive. The aim is to gen­tly edu­cate through­out the demen­tia jour­ney, help­ing car­ers bet­ter under­stand how to com­mu­ni­cate with their loved ones liv­ing with dementia.


Demen­tia often ends up defin­ing a per­son. Instead, we cel­e­brate indi­vid­u­als and their dif­fer­ent inter­ests. Some are com­pet­i­tive and moti­vat­ed by chal­lenge, oth­ers are more self-reflec­tive and artis­tic. We renamed prod­ucts to reflect these dif­fer­ent inter­ests – from nature lovers, to trav­el enthu­si­asts. This approach gives prod­ucts a wider audience.


Using the lat­est demen­tia think­ing on 7 Domains of Well­be­ing, we cre­at­ed a sys­tem to explain the ben­e­fits of every prod­uct. Each of these levers dri­ves the cre­ative process inter­nal­ly as well as act­ing as a sign­post to con­sumers. Prod­ucts and activ­i­ty always have a pur­pose. Joy and func­tion com­bine in a sim­ple cus­tomer set of ben­e­fits that help car­ers to nav­i­gate the ben­e­fits of every product.


Research found that because car­ers didn’t under­stand the demen­tia jour­ney, they rou­tine­ly over or under­es­ti­mat­ed what their loved ones were capa­ble of when pick­ing prod­ucts. To be suc­cess­ful, a prod­uct had to be easy enough to build esteem, but also the right lev­el of chal­lenge to keep peo­ple engaged.

We designed a staged demen­tia jour­ney to help ensure suc­cess­ful prod­uct nav­i­ga­tion. It sim­ply explained the stages and prod­uct design suit­abil­i­ty, rein­forc­ing brand exper­tise and clear­ly seg­ment­ed prod­ucts to ensure suc­cess­ful well­be­ing outcomes.

They helped us build real val­ue bal­anc­ing joy and func­tion across all touch­points. The rebrand has giv­en us the momen­tum to take the brand to the next lev­el as a lead­ing con­sumer brand.

Ben Atkinson-Willes CEO Relish