Creating an iconic doggy daycare brand to drive expansion

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  • Uniform and launch collateral

Bruce’s Dog­gy Day Care was poised to embark on an ambi­tious expan­sion plan; one that would see them go from a sin­gle site to becom­ing the UK’s lead­ing nation­al dog day care brand. This called for a new propo­si­tion, one with a more emo­tive and dis­tinc­tive brand to appeal to the mod­ern pet par­ents will­ing to invest more than ever in their pets’ health and wellbeing.

Broad­en­ing the appeal of a dog day­care, Bruce’s is now syn­ony­mous with enrich­ing dogs’ lives. We con­fi­dent­ly estab­lished Bruce’s as the cat­e­go­ry-defin­ing brand. At the same time, we ampli­fied every­thing about the dis­tinc­tive Bruce’s expe­ri­ence, build­ing a blue­print to ener­gise teams and dri­ve val­ue through the brand for future growth.

We’re thrilled with the results and reac­tions to the new brand. ODA’s approach and think­ing has ener­gised the whole com­pa­ny. The new brand has been piv­otal to adding real val­ue by dri­ving our brand expe­ri­ence as we grow and secure more sites. We now have a robust and cohe­sive set of brand tools for increas­ing activ­i­ty, achiev­ing greater aware­ness and on-board­ing customers

Bruce Casalis CEO & Founder, Bruce's


We stripped the name back to just Bruce’s’, retain­ing the per­son­al con­nec­tion with cus­tomers whilst cre­at­ing a more con­fi­dent brand.

An icon­ic dog forms from the shape of the Bruce’s B’, with dis­tinc­tive brand­ed mark­ings embody­ing the hap­py expres­sion of a Bruce’s dog’. It sits along­side a new friend­ly and approach­able word­mar­que and strapline.

A fam­i­ly of Bruce’s dogs of dif­fer­ent sizes and pos­es, based on the logo­type, brings it to life and com­mu­ni­cates the core themes of enrich­ment and social­i­sa­tion through­out all of its communications.


Sim­ple bold typog­ra­phy, always left-aligned to match the logo, is dis­tinc­tive and friend­ly. New aspi­ra­tional pho­tog­ra­phy dialled up the socia­bil­i­ty fac­tor by focus­ing on dog friendships.

We also intro­duced a warm, pos­i­tive and uplift­ing pri­ma­ry palette – mov­ing away from its pre­vi­ous, clin­i­cal-feel­ing blue and white – and into the more emo­tive nat­ur­al world of blue skies and green fields.


Dogs are fun so our lan­guage need­ed to reflect that. A more play­ful per­son­al­i­ty is bal­anced with real exper­tise. Copy cap­tures Bruce’s enthu­si­asm for enrich­ing dogs’ lives, steer­ing away from the didac­tic. Sim­ple dog-direct­ed lan­guage was intro­duced to make calls to action more light-hearted.

Dri­ving val­ue through every brand touchpoint


The Bruce’s team are a unique breed. Not only do they love dogs, but they are experts in dog behav­iour and body lan­guage, and always look­ing to bet­ter the expe­ri­ence for their fur­ry charges. We proud­ly brought that exper­tise to the fore in uni­form, pho­tog­ra­phy and communications.


We designed a set of icons illus­trat­ing how beloved dogs get more out of Bruce’s in terms of their enrich­ment and socialisation.


We worked close­ly with the team on redesign­ing the groups of fields or class­es that the dogs are placed in. Each zone is now designed around a spe­cif­ic enrich­ment theme and sen­so­r­i­al expe­ri­ence com­mu­ni­cat­ed with a fun new name. We brought this to life for cus­tomers with our dog-meet-dog world maps.


The way Bruce’s sells day care and oth­er ser­vices has been reim­aged, clear­ly set­ting out the val­ue in pack­ages and bolt-ons. Each pack­age has been renamed to feel more emo­tive and in-line with the new brand personality.


Pet par­ents loved and val­ued Bruce’s app, so the app and all its many ben­e­fits have been seam­less­ly inte­grat­ed into the brand iden­ti­ty, web and print expe­ri­ence and is now more pop­u­lar than ever.


We tar­get­ed Bruce’s ini­tial wel­come meet­ing as a key touch­point for dri­ving val­ue and increase join-ups. We cre­at­ed new assets cel­e­brat­ing the Bruce’s dif­fer­ence: exper­tise, enrich­ment and social­i­sa­tion. Every touch­point along the jour­ney is designed around the idea that both dogs and their pet par­ents come away from any encounter with Bruce’s feel­ing enriched and rewarded!


Expand­ed to 7 more sites since the rebrand