Brands with momentum generate more value

We love craft­ing new pos­si­bil­i­ties for our clients who have reached a turn­ing point. Our agency is expert at con­jur­ing lost mag­ic for lega­cy brands, reviv­ing the rel­e­vance of estab­lished brands and tak­ing entre­pre­neur­ial brands from start-up to next level.


We start by iden­ti­fy­ing the real issues.

Lis­ten­ing hard and dig­ging deep, we go beyond the obvi­ous to uncov­er dis­tinc­tive truths that con­nect and inspire.

Rigour in every­thing we do is para­mount. We cre­ate a strong frame­work and ratio­nale for all our rec­om­men­da­tions. So rather than being pre­sent­ed with end­less options (in end­less meet­ings), you’ll be armed with the con­fi­dence you have the smart answer that’s right for you.

We chal­lenge when need­ed (polite­ly, nev­er arro­gant­ly), with every­thing we do root­ed in empa­thy – for our clients, your brands and all your audiences.

Our work often involves engag­ing mul­ti­ple stake­hold­ers to make sure every­one is on the same jour­ney, head­ing towards the same des­ti­na­tion. That way every­one arrives with a shared under­stand­ing – with a new focus and confidence.

What we’re great at

Our exper­tise is work­ing with brands just like yours. Our three founders have devel­oped a way of work­ing that seam­less­ly inte­grates the think­ing, writ­ing and cre­at­ing through­out the life of a project. It’s big agency exper­tise, deliv­er­ing bespoke results for:


Bring­ing clar­i­ty, insight and deep under­stand­ing of peo­ple, busi­ness­es, and cul­ture – all dri­ving rel­e­vance and build­ing a sol­id Brand Blue­print for the future.


Cre­at­ing dis­tinc­tive visu­al and ver­bal brand expres­sion that work in the real world and across all touch­points in the cus­tomer journey.


Pro­vid­ing excit­ing and sur­pris­ing ways to move audi­ences – inter­nal and exter­nal, and always root­ed in authenticity.


Grant, Panna and Sarah founded ODA in 2012 against the inspirational backdrop of the London Olympics and off the back of a successful 15 year working relationship. As three very different individuals their unique perspectives and commitment to hearing diverse voices brings an energy and richness to every project. Their rigour and collaborative style is the blueprint for ODA’s approach.

Panna Rose Managing Director

Panna is a hands-on managing director with solid international, retail and brand experience built over 2 decades working with leading brand agencies. As one of only a handful of young Asian women to reach board level in the industry she’s a passionate champion of diversity both within the design sector and within ODA’s culture.

Sarah Westwood Creative Strategist

Sarah is a published writer with a passion for language and for making a difference. Her 20+ years brand experience includes founding a consultancy specialising in turning sustainability into competitive advantage. She loves to make creative connections between culture and brand as a powerful way for brands to engage authentically with audiences.

Grant Willis Creative Director

Grant is a multi-award winning creative whose work has won over 30 design awards including Gold, Silver and Bronze at New York Festivals, Clio, DBA, Mobius, Design Week, Benchmarks, and D&AD, where he was chosen as a judge. He has a passion for filmmaking and for taking strong creative ideas beyond identity into film, digital and other brand touchpoints.

We put ideas into action

Who doesn’t love a good sto­ry? Espe­cial­ly one with lay­ers of mean­ing. As the old fable goes a group of mice were liv­ing in fear of a men­ac­ing cat. One pro­pos­es plac­ing a bell around the cat’s neck to warn them of its approach. The plan is met with applause. But as the mice rejoice the cat conun­drum has been solved the old mouse asks, That’s is all very well but who is to bell the cat?”

It’s easy to pro­pose impos­si­ble reme­dies is one inter­pre­ta­tion. Or that the best-laid plans amount to noth­ing if no one has the courage to make them hap­pen. Emp­ty solu­tions hold absolute­ly no val­ue. That’s why we’ll always apply action-ori­en­tat­ed think­ing. Ideas not put into action are delusion.