The Challenge

After 4 years in the market, entrepreneurs Emma and Karen approached us to help rebrand a stalling Professor Scrubbington’s and shake up the kids care market. Their ambition was to become a kid-first brand, empowering five-to-eight year olds to take control of their cleansing regime. They combined natural ingredients with real, riotous fun.


Our Strategy: for naturally grubby kids 

Create a challenger brand for naturally grubby kids. In a move away from the cutesy, idealistic view of children we focused instead on the idea of riotous fun, the fun that kids have getting grubby. We sharpened the brand, dropping the previous Professor Scrubbington persona to keep things simple, and created a much simpler stripped back design to ensure the products had greater stand out.


A brand identity that cleans up

The idea behind the new Scrubbington’s wordmarque, a sponge wiping across the pack scrubbing away dirt and revealing the clean white letters beneath, communicates the effective cleaning proposition in a playful way. The logo plays a central role on pack, both anchoring the range on shelf, and conveying the brand personality through a balance of clean, fun and natural in the wobbly hand drawn childlike style.


Simpler, bubblier, better

Central to the new design is a brand-new hand illustrated alphabet that’s full of character and fun. Kids get grubby using their hands and getting stuck in to fun activities so we were keen to reflect this in the design.


We created at least two versions of each letter – one that’s playful, depicting something that begins with that letter (a cat for C, bubbles for B and so on), and another that’s a bit more clean and simple, giving Scrubbington’s flexibility in how the lettering is used. The letters were all painted by hand using bold strokes and bath sponges to create appealing authentic textures. We took care to ensure every word was a balance of letters that conveyed fun and cleaning.


The brand’s playful bubbly personality shines out of the new naming and tone of voice, lettering and imagery, which is set against a white background and simple vibrant colour palette, to give the range a more natural feel. The bespoke alphabet gives Scrubbington’s a cost-effective way to share its new brand design across multiple channels, including social media.


We helped Emma and Karen to rationalise and re-name the range. The result is 4 Scrubbington’s products instead of five. Scrub Up Hand & Face Foam, Scrub All 3-in-1 Hair & Body Foam, Scrub A Dub Bubble Bath, and Pit Stop Deodorant are packaged in simplified, more consistent structures to build a cohesive look. Sustainability was also a key priority with the introduction of a refill pack and switching to 50% recycled plastic.

Scrub_A_Dub_words_sq copy
Scrub_Pit Stop_words_sq

Throughout the process we invited plenty of input from five-to-eight-year-olds in helping us to select the best letter designs for the alphabet. Empowering kids to take control of elements of the design felt natural for this brand.


We handed over a simple toolkit of assets that allowed Emma and Karen to quickly and easily build out a digital platform. In social media the hand-drawn alphabet world that we created comes to life and interacts with the real world of children playing in real life to communicate kids’ curiosity and imagination.


Emma Cranstoun says: “From the outset, we’ve looked to shake up the category, getting away from that rather twee and idealised view of younger kids that’s so evident on supermarket shelves. We’d tweaked the brand before, but we knew the time had come for a fundamental rebrand.