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The challenge


Living Streets began life in 1929 as The Pedestrians’ Association, the people behind the introduction of the zebra crossing. Back then they stood for protecting the safety of pedestrians. Fast forward 85 years, the context had changed, and their purpose was no longer clear.

To meet their objectives in new growth opportunities, fundraising more effectively, and attracting a broader base of supporters, the organisation needed a galvanising purpose and communication. 

Our strategy: walking needs a hero

Our exploration of the cultural and societal context for this organisation revealed that their work placed them in a unique position, right at the intersection of some our society’s most challenging issues, from health, to environment and social issues. What’s more, they were offering a simple solution: walking.


At the heart of this brief was an opportunity to reposition the simple everyday act of walking, from something ‘pedestrian’ that we all take for granted, to an extraordinary transformative act for individuals, communities and society.


We identified a new purpose for the brand as ‘a positive beacon for walking’. This also referenced the organisation’s history of making pedestrians visible through the introduction of Belisha beacon and zebra crossing.


Living Streets_01

Creating a movement about movement 

The identity system had to capture a sense of energy and momentum. We introduced the zebra crossing into the brand logo as a nod to heritage and an enduring symbol of seamlessly walkable cities, creating three master logos so the identity itself felt dynamic. A little community of people walked over every piece of communication to create a sense of the growing movement.

We also created a messaging framework and the tools to help Living Streets effectively sell themselves to their many different audiences.

Living Streets_02

Making it black and white 

Using the black and white bars of the zebra crossing identity, we created a visual language of bright colours and bold black and white statements to hero the benefits of walking in a way that was simple and irrefutable.

Living Streets_Website_Bar Use
Living Streets_06

The enlightened voice of change

The progressive, positive tone of voice positions Living Streets as thought leaders in the world of walking and its role in society. We defined the brand personality and tone as ‘positivity personified’. It offers us a positive vision of a society we all want be part of and outlines the simple steps we need to take to get there. Our idea for campaign material was ‘positively un-pedestrian’,  presenting walking as an individual transformative act that collectively had the power to change society for good.

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A simple, flexible identity system

Once we had the manifesto and messaging strategy for each audience we created brand campaigns aimed at encouraging them to join in. The brand identity system creates simple visual cohesion but allows for the flexibility needed for each audience.

Living Streets_Website_Flex
Living Streets_03
Living Streets_04
Living Streets Quote-03


Brand purpose and identity
Brand messaging strategy
Tone of voice and copywriting
Brand and behaviour change campaigns
Digital design
Printed materials

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