The Challenge

FairFX is part of a new breed of fintech companies offering a simple alternative to the high street bureaus, and greater transparency in foreign exchange rates. Their technology ensures that wherever you are in the world you can take advantage of a fair exchange, and keep track on what you are spending.


The challenge was that the online brand didn’t deliver against the promise. It was fragmented and communication confusing. We had to refresh to bring cohesion, clarity and improve the ease of product navigation.

Our Strategy: from transparency to visibility

Many brands in this sector talk about transparency and clarity but none were delivering against it. Transparency is hard to prove. Visibility however actually helps customers to make great decisions.  We re-framed the existing brand around a new proposition, “Know where you are with FairFX”. Instead of talking about deals and low rates we spoke instead of the value you can see and being empowered to make good decisions. We evolved the FairFX logo to a big F that we used as a flag to point at the visible differences. 


Through this brand lens, we then developed distinct product propositions to bring clarity to the way people understood and bought travel cards. Our proposition was then taken into television advertising and our new logo forms the end line. 

Give brand assets real meaning – give existing assets real meaning and define their role in delivering against the new proposition. In the process of redefining the assets we reframed them to unlock the values of fintech and capture the essence of the fintech movement in a way that’s distinctive from old world finance.



Creating a branded blue world 

The photography was generic and indistinguishable from any other finance brand when seen in communications. We worked with our client’s existing libraries to create an own able inspirational, blue branded world.


A  new down-to-earth tone

The tone was very deal orientated and quite flippant and we were conscious that these customers needed more hand holding and the brand needed to build trust. We created a new tone of voice for the brand that was simple, straightforward. It’s the tone of understanding, approachable, expert friend. The one you’d go to for advice or simple explanation about foreign exchange, because you know they’re in the know and you’ll get sound, clear, trusted advice. Advice that sounds easy and is intended to help make your life better.

FAIRFX_ODA_Tone of Voice

Simplifying product propositions

The brand’s 3 different card propositions were confusing and hard to navigate and purchase. We simplified the role of each card and targeted information based on customer insight and benefits rather than features as previously.