The effortless way to tackle climate change


When it comes to climate change we all want to do good but often feel paralysed. Our client created a first of its kind proposition that combines fintech, marketplace, open banking and retail into one transformative app that makes it effortless to make a tangible difference to climate change, without the consumer needing to do anything different. Every 5 transactions a customer makes pays for one plastic bottle being collected before it enters our oceans and every 50 transactions will pay for a tree to be planted by the customer. The brand needed a distinctive to get people on board quickly without being confused for another neo band.



Every transaction has a positive reaction.


Inspired by the idea of the butterfly effect this simple proposition became the driver of the brand name and identity. We named the brand ekko to speak to the duality of the concept highlighting both transaction and the positive impact. Everything became about making change effortless. ekko customers can go about their daily lives as they usually would, shopping, buying a coffee or paying bills and their good vibes will echo around the world.


Coffee Shop Payment_2_Square_960

Feel Good Factor


We set out to design a super confident bold brand with bags of personality that was fun and feel good. With ekko more is more so it was the antithesis of trend towards neo bank minimalism. People are easily switched off brands if they feel too green and worthy so this brand had to be joyful and not take itself too seriously. We were inspired by the bright and friendly peace and love idealism of the 60s and 70s and the idea of sending positive vibes out into the world. We rooted ekko’s distinctive personality in the cool and hip language of that era by including phrases such as ‘Right on’ and ‘Dig it’ without overdoing it.


Come change the world

Iconic identity


The identity system is simple and iconic. The wordmark uses symmetry to highlight the echoing out effect. Everything looks perfectly symmetrical and echoes out from the middle. The colour palette is vibrant and positive to bring energy and joy and work well as a sequence of colours in the ekko pattern.

The use of emanating echo lines on hero statements adds a sense of dynamism making the brand experience cohesive across other media and channels. There’s also a sweet suite of icons to illustrate the tangible difference that customers are making through their purchases.



Making the card a talking point


The debit card was a crucial way for ekko to be noticed quickly. We wanted the card to prompt a conversation as soon as customers took it out to pay and a reminder for them of the good that emanates from every purchase. Instead of the brand name we chose the line “Good Vibes” to act as that reminder and the positivity you’re spreading with every tap.



Effortless, real and tangible difference


Customers can track their own personal forest, how many bottles they’ve collected and even monitor their own personalised carbon footprint using their Carbonmeter in the ekko app. It also gives customers access to a curated list of sustainable partners, offering climate-friendly goods and services as part of the wider ‘enviroconomy’.