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The challenge

Compass Group, the UK’s largest catering company wanted to captialise on the popularity of street food by creating a series of culinary concepts that would roll out across all their sectors, from schools and hospitals, to businesses. The key objective was to entice people and make lunch hours more exciting. The concepts covered all major cuisines with Compass chef’s giving each food type a fresh take.


How could we make eating in the Compass units an exciting and inspiring experience everyday?

Our Strategy: create an ‘out of office’ experience

We had to create interest and excitement in a range of dishes that were familiar yet unfamiliar. By creating an ‘out of office moment’ we could turn a regular lunch hour into a moment of inspiration and connection and transport people via a food experience. Food is the gateway to a culture and these food propositions were developed to give people a ‘bite-sized’ adventure and encourage people to escape via experiencing a place through food.


British: Creating dishes of distinction

We celebrated familiar and unfamiliar British dishes from around the nation in a fun and engaging way. Inspired by the old British food related nursery rhymes we named the concept, Four & Twenty, and extended the idea to messaging to regionality. The visual language is influenced by the British ‘gastropub’, the epitome of quality ingredients and reinvented classics.

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