The Challenge

Back in the day two brothers, Sergio and Bruno Costa had just one store selling quality coffee in London’s Victoria. Fast forward 40 years and there are over 1,500 stores nationwide. The brand had achieved amazing distribution but the price it paid for that was ubiquity.

We were asked to design a new concept store, develop premium quality coffee product propositions, communication and customer journey, with the objective of improving brand perception and help address ubiquity. Behind this brief lay an opportunity to reclaim the brand magic.

Our strategy: open up a world of coffee discovery

We positioned Costa as the antidote to independents, who blinded by science, complexity and choice when it came to premium coffee. We made the new premium V60 pour over coffees involving, fun and simple, encouraging people to dive in and try them with the rallying cry, “Let’s brew this!”.

Shelton St Cost HR__LP_7488

Explore the lighter side of premium coffee

Our ‘Let’s brew this!’ campaign was a way to talk about new, lighter, filter coffee experiences in a tone and visual language felt lighter and more accessible in tone and style. We borrowed from the codes and expected visual language of the premium coffee experience but balanced it with a lighter, inclusive tone that didn’t take itself as seriously.


Lead with taste

We broke the category convention and instead of leading with origin, we went big on the core benefit of taste discovery. We employed a simple choice architecture (between 3 distinct tastes) and colour coding system to help people easily navigate the otherwise complex world of origin and extraction techniques.


Five magic moments in our customer journey

1. The introduction of window theatre

2. Creation of sensory experience using real beans

3. Creating tools that enabled baristas to become taste advocates

4. Devising a simplified menu board system

5. Celebrate Costa’s orignal blend story via wallart and take home beans