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A breed apart


Bruce’s Doggy Day Care had won investment and was poised to em-bark on an ambitious expansion plan; one that would see them go from a single site to becoming the UK’s leading national dog day care brand.


The brand needed a new proposition and a more emotive and distinctive brand to appeal to modern pet parents who were willing to invest more than ever in their pet’s health and wellbeing.




Unleashing happiness


The rebrand needed to confidently establish Bruce’s as the category-defining brand in a sector that is for the most part made up of one-man bands and local dog walkers. We saw the opportunity to take the Bruce’s brand beyond the function of day care and into the more emotive world of enrichment. At the same time, we codified everything about the Bruce’s experience that made it distinctive and built a blueprint to energise teams and drive value through the brand.





Establishing a new icon


We stripped the name back to just ‘Bruce’s’, retaining the personal connection with customers whilst creating a more confident brand.



An iconic dog formed from the shape of the Bruce’s ‘B’ and with distinctive branded markings embodies the happy expression of a ‘Bruce’s dog’. It sits alongside a new friendly and approachable wordmarque and strapline.


A family of Bruce’s dogs of different sizes and poses, based on the logotype, brings it to life and communicates the core themes of enrichment and socialisation throughout brand communications.


Bouncer Animation


Simple bold identity


Simple bold typography always left-aligned to match the logo is distinctive and friendly. We introduced a new, warm, positive and uplifting primary palette that moved away from the brand’s previously clinical use of blue and white and into the more emotive natural world of blue skies and green fields.




New aspirational photography dialled up the sociability factor by focusing on dog friendships.




Playful personality


We defined a more playful and fun personality and balanced it with real expertise. Copy captured Bruce’s enthusiasm for enriching dogs’ lives whilst steering away from the didactic. Dogs are fun so our language needed to reflect that. We introduced simple dog-directed language to make calls to action more light-hearted.




Driving value through every brand touchpoint


Fluent in dog


The Bruce’s team are a unique breed. Not only do they love dogs, but they are experts in dog behaviour and body language, and always looking to better the experience for their furry charges. We proudly brought that expertise to the fore in uniform, photography and communications.


Benefits not features


We helped the brand talk in benefits, not features, designing a set of icons that illustrated that dogs get more out of Bruce’s in terms of their enrichment and socialisation.




Ownable enrichment assets


To create ownable enrichment assets we worked with the team on redesigning the groups of fields or classes that the dogs were placed in. Each zone is now designed around a specific enrichment theme and sensorial experience communicated with a fun new name. We brought this to life for customers with our dog-meet-dog world maps.


Bruces_Field Guide_1080x1080_WEB


Reimagined packages


We reimagined the way that Bruce’s sold day care and other services, clearly setting out the value in packages and bolt-ons. We then renamed each package to feel more emotive and in-line with the new brand personality.




Seamless digital integration


Pet parents loved and valued Bruce’s app so we ensured that the app and all its many benefits were seamlessly integrated into the brand identity, web and print experience.


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Rewarding experience


Every touchpoint along the journey is designed around the idea that, like their dogs, people also come away from any encounter with Bruce’s feeling enriched and rewarded! We targeted Bruce’s initial welcome meeting as a key touchpoint to drive value for the brand and increase join-ups. We created new assets that spoke about the Bruce’s difference: expertise, enrichment and socialisation.