The Challenge

We were asked to create a Limited Edition of Brighton Gin for Pride that captured the essence of the brand. The challenge was to avoid a rainbow flag cliché. In recent years many of the big brands have entered Pride and taken on the rainbow as an easy symbol to associate with their brand, but Brighton Gin is different. It’s a small company based in Brighton with diversity at its core, so we wanted to create a limited edition that felt authentic.



Our strategy: the handcrafted pride of Brighton 

Our creative concept was to celebrate Pride, dedicate a bottle to every colour and tell the story of the meaning of the flag. We used the Pride bottles to dramatise and amplify Brighton Gin’s hand-crafted credentials with hand-painted lettering and celebrates Pride in an authentic way.

Together the bottles make up a whole, just like the flag itself. Each label bears a letter from the word Brighton, hand-painted in the famous Brighton Seafront Blue on top of the flag colour. The design reflects the brand proposition ‘Brighton Your Life,’ a call to action to be more Brighton and enjoy a laid-back craft gin which helps people escape the humdrum, open their minds and let their hair down. We removed all the brand graphics apart from the logo.


A storytelling link to each colour features on the label and illustrates how these qualities link to life in Brighton in a way which works across social media channels.

Collectively the labels spell out Brighton (or other words depending on how they are arranged) and with eight letters in Brighton and eight colours in the flag, it was the perfect fit. The range of eight unique bottles bear the individual flag colours which stand for sexuality, life, healing, sunlight, nature, art/magic, harmony and spirit.




The Challenge

In an increasingly crowded craft spirits market, five gin loving Brightoneons approached us to create a brand identity for a gin they made and bottled in their home town by the sea. Gin was experiencing a resurgence of interest, particularly in the premium sector, and brands were creating a strong link with a particular place of origin to help differentiate them from the pack.


Provenance gives many spirits their identity and Brighton was no different, but there was an opportunity to own a very different space for gin.



Our strategy: the spirit of Brighton

Mapping the premium spirits market and in particular the gin category we noted that premium gins were often very refined in their visual identity, a nod to their delicate aromatic qualities. We saw and opportunity for Brighton to own a distinctly difference space.


According to one resident we spoke to, “It would take an almost superhuman effort to be a misfit in Brighton.” It’s a city that prides itself on being individualist and unashamedly different – so this gin must follow suit. We gave it the strapline ‘Distilled-beside-the-seaside’ which gave it license to have some fun in another wise staid category. The label shape resembles the iconic Brighton pier ticket and the fun of the pier is captured in the identity itself.



Brighton Seafront Blue

Who knew that Brighton had it’s own city colour that was used to paint railings throughout the city? When choosing a brand colour we did our research and asked Brighton council to send us a swatch of the colour to match to and were delighted when we received a pot of Brighton Seafront Blue.


ODA_Brighton_Gin_Compilation 2


Brand strategy
Brand identity