The challenge

Entrepreneur Jennifer Markham saw an opportunity within the athleisure category for a shoe brand targeted at matt based enthusiasts – people who loved yoga, pilates, barre and dance. 20M+ US women hit the pilates/yoga mat in 2015 and the number was growing in a market work 8 billion dollars.


Jennifer designed an unstructured shoe that provides optimal support to the feet and a real connection with the ground.  But how to position it to the target audience and become the go-to athleisiure shoe brand for mat based enthusiasts when they don’t wear shoes to do the activity?


Naming the definitive shoe

Jennifer had chosen the company name Lissom because it means graceful, elegant, free flowing flexible movement but she also asked us to name the product. We named the shoes Flyte, combining the idea of flexible and light, and with the additional meaning that Flight, is also a Podiatry term for the foot in motion. We wanted a name that could become definitive for the product that people would really use “I want some Flytes”.

Our strategy: mindful movement

We positioned Lissom Flytes as helping mat-based enthusiasts to ‘move beyond the mat’, taking the principles of Mindful Movement found in mat-based practices and connecting them to peoples everyday routine. Instead of focusing on the technology we set out to create a brand that wasn’t about shoe tech, but about total body movement.

The connection with the ground that Flytes provided allowed people take conscious steps to be more mindful of their movement, being present in every moment. Our proposition was about Mindful Movement ‘Carpe Momentum’ – seize the moment! This attitude is summed up in the strapline call to action: Live in the Movement.


Radiating movement throughout the identity system

The brand identity brings the proposition to life by expressing the strength, shape and flow of full body movement found in mat based practices seamlessly blending and radiating out from the ownable contour of the shoe.


Other visual assets such as typography and photography combine the free-flowing spirit of mat based practice and the lifestyle aesthetic using found in athleisure. Textures and colours of yoga mats and blocks were used as props in the photography to clearly position the shoes in the world of the target audience.