The Challenge

The UK’s No.1 children’s cookery author, Annabel Karmel approached us to overhaul the packaging of her childrens’ chilled meals range. Her ambition was to reinvigorate the children’s food aisle, adding trust and credibility to the category. The current range was felt to be cluttered, information heavy and lacking presence on shelf. So we needed to create a driving idea to highlight the brand’s expertise in recipe development for children.


Our Strategy: Feeding childrens’ imaginations 

We focused on the impactful role that the range plays in feeding childrens’ imaginations and helping children to flourish through good food. The design solution, ‘When I grow up’, brings to life this idea with a line-up of playful little professionals including a scientist, pilot, chef, deep-sea diver and more, to capture the imaginations of shoppers.


Iconic branding

Annabel’s untouchable credentials in childrens’ nutrition sets these products apart from other branded competition. We felt this was summed up in the iconic apron, which currently only existed on puree packaging. We felt it had the potential to work across this range too. It helped to solidify Annabel’s cookery credentials, as well as creating a strong consistent branded asset that had impact on shelf.


All the essential branding, typography and reasons to believe were locked up inside the apron, with decoration of cooking tools added to the pocket to help read the shape as an apron and colour code the products through the range.


Say hello to our playful professionals

Noticing that competitors in the sector were moving towards using animals, monsters or food imagery, we differentiated the range by focusing on children and the idea that these meals will nourish them and help them flourish. Children are playfully featured as a budding pilot, chef, deep sea diver etc. A children’s book illustrator was commissioned to help create a sense of storytelling across the range. The textured, colourful, cut and paste style helps show that the products are natural, crafted and full of goodness.

Pilot and Footballer_1920x1080

To further help clean the pack up, we settled on communicating just two key nutritional benefits on the front and the rest on the back of pack. These were all placed in a smart recipe notepad that signals more ties to Annabel and her expertise in childrens’ nutrition.


A new story for the back of pack sits next to Annabel’s signature, along side key ingredient that the illustrator bought to life, ensuring every touchpoint had been considered and every detail playfully on brand.

Notepad on cutter_sq