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The Challenge

When shoe entrepreneur, Claire, approached us to help name and create a new premium shoe brand based on an ownable footbed technology she’d developed, we had to tread carefully. This was a particularly crowded marketplace filled with many well known brands and big marketing spend. We had to give this brand a distinctive point of view.

Our strategy: inner confidence

We had to reinvent the concept of comfortable footwear for a generation of shoe lovers who wanted to look great and feel in control, and for whom ‘comfort’ was a turn-off.


The core insight came from realising that although they loved stylish shoes, too often these shoes languished in the back of the wardrobe because they weren’t practical footwear for running around town from meeting to meeting.  We focused on capturing the emotional benefit: the confidence that comes with a great looking, comfortable pair of shoes. ‘Walking on air’ was a thought that spoke to both the physical feeling of the footbed and the confidence that comes from looking good, and feeling good too.


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Creating a recognisable brand equity

We used the visual metaphor of a feather within the brand identity, and cleverly applied it to the inner sole and the shoe tread to covey the idea of ‘walking on air’. It provided an eye-catching piece of branding that helped to distinguish the shoes, and make them instantly recognisable on the packaging.



Comfort with style

We advised trademarking the smart shoe tech under the name ‘Tender Loving Air” and created a visual language that delivered comfort in a stylish way.


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Build the brand through personality

We worked closely with the founder Claire to capture a tone and attitude that would really connect with the target audience in an authentic way. Our manifesto and messaging exudes kick-ass comfort, and the attitude that ‘Life’s too busy for bad shoes.’

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Instead of the traditional look book we created a quarterly magazine ‘Footnotes’, featuring profiles and interviews with like-minded women. Interesting content was seamlessly presented alongside beautiful photography featuring the new shoe collection.

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Brand purpose and proposition


Brand identity

Tone of Voice

Content creation and copywriting

Magazine design and editing

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