The challenge

Sales of cold drinks within coffee shops was growing and becoming fiercely competitive but Costa was not well known for cold drinks, or indeed drinks beyond coffee. The existing barista-made cold range proposition and range was complex, and Costa didn’t have an RTD own brand range to deliver against some need states.


There was an opportunity to reassess the Costa cold drinks strategy, approaching it from a customer need state perspective and creating as set of compelling propositions.


Our strategy: irresistibly cool

We reviewed the current brand architecture and portfolio to simplify and inspiring choice. Following on from that we re-ordered the drinks through the lens of customer centric need states: indulgence, refreshment and health. We explored a design system to bring visual harmonisation but allow for flexibility to accommodate key drivers in all categories, and played them out in a distinctly Costa way to make them feel irresistible and deliver more of an experience.


Frostino: dessert in a glass

We capitalised on the opportunity to make these drinks more of an event than a drink, via toppings and super indulgent flavours. Following our proposition we changed Costa Coolers, a name that wasn’t proprietary, to Costa Frostino which worked phonetically well with Costa and connoted to ‘cold’. We chose to go big on indulgence cues in the sub-brand logo, making it out of chocolate.


Super day smoothies: deliciously healthy

We had to find a uniquely Costa approach to the healthier need state, avoiding straying into worthy territory because customers still bought these drinks as a treat. Our proposition ‘today is a super day!” focused on the benefit in a fun way. To keep visual consistency with Costa Frostino we chose to put the essence of the drink, smooth blended fruit, into the typography.


Juice and water: pure and simple

In water and juice we got to work with our proposition of ‘Goodness pure and simple’ we allowed the product speak for itself and created a very simple and natural visual language.