We took Costa back to its roots for the launch of its next generation coffee shop trial, Costa Coffee House in Wandsworth.

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In 1971 the Costa brothers arrived in London with a burning desire to make fine coffee part of London life. This store is also a real celebration of the brand’s heritage made relevant for todays coffee lovers.


Costa Coffee House was an opportunity to revisit the brand’s roots as the pioneering London coffee artisans. We re-instated some of the brand’s original identity elements in a contemporary way. The ‘darts’ around the Costa roundel formed part of the original Costa Coffee Boutique store identity in the 1980’s.


The detail and handcrafted approach to the store design reflects Costa’s heritage at every touchpoint. From our five hand-drawn quality hallmarks, to the humanised, modern style of photography featuring ‘real’ Costa people, including baristas and the roastery team.


We are particularly proud of the wall art where we’ve showcased the previously untold stories of Costa’s early years, with the brand’s trademark personality brought to life in bespoke illustrations. The signature piece is a one-off graffiti installation that pays homage to the origins of the Mocha Italia blend, in a beautifully modern way.