We are super excited to share our latest brand identity project for Lissom. We were engaged to help our client create a new player in the ‘athleisure’ market with a footwear brand aimed at mat based activity enthusiasts. We looked beyond shoes to create a brand that believes in total body movement.

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Jennifer, the entrepreneur behind Lissom Flyte, came to us with a clear vision and passion for the brand. She and her team designed the ultimate shoe to help women take conscious steps to discover the powerful connection between their feet and core.


To cut through in the crowded ‘Athleisure’ market we had to create a new category. The idea of a ‘Mindful Movement’ brand combines the mindfulness of mat practice with performance driven footwear. We helped translate this passion into a compelling brand strategy with our proposition, Carpe Momentum. Most of us dash around on autopilot, in shoes that dull the senses, and this brand helps us take conscious steps to be more mindful of our movement and present in every moment. This attitude is summed up in the call to action: Live in the Movement.


We created a brand identity that brings the idea of movement to life and radiates out from the shoe itself. We also developed the brand name Lissom Flyte, and the brand identity including storytelling and tone of voice.

Check out the website www.lissom.com