Earlier this year we were honoured be asked to work with VolitionRX on their brand and early cancer detection product NU.Q. With our partners at Unfinished Sentence we took the brand idea ’empowering reassurance’.

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VolitionRX NU.Q is seeking to change the cancer by paradigm re-thinking the way we think about cancer. Their pioneering early diagnosis gives diagnostic power to medical professionals and hope and reassurance to their patients. Cancer is a very scary word, but much of the fear of it comes from the way in which it’s treated today. Diagnosis often comes late in the day, demanding drastic interventions, with less positive outcomes.

Our strategy was to humanise what could otherwise become quite scientific and divorced from the human angle. Our brand purpose ‘a brighter future’ is reflected in the brand identity, representing the values: pioneering, optimistic, challenging, altruistic and compassionate. We captured the positive optimistic approach of Volition and a future where ‘hope’ and ‘cancer’ can live happily in the same sentence.