Our Design Agency rebrands national walking charity Living Streets

Living Streets began life as The Pedestrian Society, the people behind the introduction of the zebra crossing. 85 years on, times had changed and people were no longer referring to themselves as pedestrians. The brand was struggling to identify its role and cause.


We helped Living Streets create a new vision and campaigning identity for the brand around the positive rallying cry ‘Let’s create a walking nation’. The new brand ambition, to reverse the decline in walking, aims to encourage people of all generations to enjoy the benefits that this simple act brings.

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We dug into the organisation’s past and through the archives, and looked forward to some of society’s biggest challenges, identifying a new role for the brand as a beacon for walking. We’re helping Living Streets start a movement about movement.


The Living Streets identity is deliberately positive and un-pedestrian in look and feel as well as tone of voice. We created a bright, upbeat campaigning brand identity and communication, capable of flexing across many diverse stakeholder audiences and materials.


We totally refreshed the logotype. The four bars of the main logo represent the zebra crossing, one of Living Streets’ great achievements, and provide a recognisable visual language. Our little army of people walking across all communications creates a sense of movement and puts walking at the heart of everything.


Progress starts here: one street, one school, one step at a time.