Grant contributed to an article on packaging trends referencing our work for Brighton Gin using innovative techniques and digital printing. A little snippet of that article is available below.

Projects from Our Design Agency

Improving digital printing technology is opening new possibilities, according to designers and packaging companies. Grant Willis, co-founder and creative director of London-based Our Design Agency, says digital printing was critical to the eye-catching design of Brighton gin. “Digital printing was once considered the poor relation, but now it’s offering much better-quality print at an affordable price,” he notes. “It allowed us to be able to colour match the authentic 1950s Brighton Seafront Blue colour supplied to us by the local borough. It offers a wealth of opportunities for small-batch craft spirits brands, as well as bigger brands because it offers high-quality short runs, personalisation and super-fast turnaround.


“We’re going to see increasing personalisation and experimentation in one-offs in spirits packaging as designers really get to grips with the technology that digital offers,” he adds. “Our work for Brighton gin with digital means they can be spontaneous with limited editions for [the Gay] Pride [Festival] and really feel part of the event. By using digital printing, we were able to lower the cost of producing the label by a considerable amount. This then allowed us to use other techniques like foiling and embossing to elevate the packaging and feel more luxurious.”